Olifantasia B210 enclosure

Olifantasia USRP B210 enclosure

Olifantasia USRP B210 enclosure / case front Olifantasia USRP B210 enclosure / case back

  • Full metal / aluminium case
  • Full color print
  • Good RF Shielding
  • All internal leds are viewable through lightpipes
  • Will fit B210 with green PCB
Kit Contents
  • 1 Metal case
  • 6 lightpipes (leads light of internal leds to front and backplate)
  • 8 Screws
  • 6 SMA nuts and springs (use is optional, improves RF shielding)
  • 4 plastic feet

Olifantasia USRP B210 enclosure / casing

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Olifantasia USRP B210 enclosure


This is a metal enclosure for the USRP B210 Software radio. The B200 and B210 normally come without an enclosure. You just get the bare PCB. Olifantasia developed this case so you can fit the B210 PCB in it and create a fully enclosed and RF-shielded desktop device.

If you already have a B210 then you can buy this enclosure as a seperate item.

You can also buy a B210 + case combination kit from Olifantasia. You then get the case with 30 % discount or more. All customers who have buy or have bought a B200 or B210 from Olifantasia can get the case with discount. We also sell more complete kits with higher discounts containing B210 + case + accesories (antennas + cables + LiveUSB) and B210 OpenBTS kits containing B210 + case + built-in precise GPS-locked clock + antennas + SIM cards, (preprogrammed for use with Openbts) + ModLiveUSB (Olifantasia bootable USB drive with OpenBTS preinstalled and preconfigured.)